Understanding your Orange and Rockland Bill

Understanding your Orange and Rocklandutility bill is very important in order to get the best Orange & Rockland electricity rate. Knowing what you're paying for is crucial. This way, you'll be able to spot any mistakes on your bill (if you ever have any), as well as find the most suitable alternative energy supplier to get a better deal. Orange and Rockland encourage their customers to look into alternative suppliers to save money.

Basic Service Charges

The Basic Service charges refer to the cost of metering, billing and other customer services. The charge may include the price for a minimum amount of usage. It may be billed regardless of whether you use any energy.

Delivery Charges

The Delivery Charges refer to the cost of delivering energy through Orange and Rockland lines to your home. They also go towards any infrastructure improvements that have been made over the period. This charge may change depending on how much energy you use.

Billing Charges

The Billing Charges refer to the cost of issuing bills to customers. It includes things like printing, mailing, call center activities, and customer payment processing.

Merchant Function Charges

The Merchant Function Charges refer to costs associated with obtaining and storing natural gas and electricity. Also refers to costs incurred by the company related to uncollectible accounts.

Metering Charges

Metering Charges refer to the costs associated with metering, including meter reading and management of data.

System Benefits Charges

System Benefits Charges recover the cost of mandated energy efficiency, environmental protection and low income assistance programs.

Market Supply Charges

Market Supply Charges recover all costs from purchasing electricity in the open market. This is for customers who do have not yet chosen an alternate energy supplier.

Basic Generation Service Charges

The Basic Generation Service Charges recover the costs from buying electricity in the open market for customers who have not yet chosen an alternate energy supplier.

Supplier's Electric or Gas Charges

Supplier's Electric or Gas Charges refer to energy supply cost. This part will be included on your bill only if you receive electric/gas supply from an alternate energy supplier.

Gas Supply Charges

Gas Supply Charges refer to monthly charges the company pays for purchasing gas supply for customers who have not yet chosen an alternate supplier.

Gas Balancing Charges

This is the amount charged by Orange and Rockland for its gas storage and delivery facilities. They are used to make up the difference between the amount of gas supplied to the company by your alternate gas supplier, and and the amount you have actually used over the billing period. This charge will only be included November-March, as it is the most popular season for heating.

Gas Cost Rates

This charge is determined by multiplying the approved rate by the amount of energy you've used over the current period.

State Tax Adjustment Surcharge

State Tax Adjustment Surcharge refers to any adjustments to the electric and gas rates that reflect in changes to state taxes.

If you need more help understanding these terms, you can find sample bills online to help you. Compare your bill with them and you should be able to better understand what you're paying for.