Five Ways to Slash Your NY Electric Cooling Bills

NY summer cooling bills will probably be higher than average this year. Learn some simple and smart ways to cut your usage and save.

Cooling Without High Electric Bills

Your cooling bills this summer could be higher than average. Learn the smarter ways to cut your AC usage to save more on your electricity.
There are better ways to cut your cooling bills while staying comfortable and saving money. Check out our five best tips.

There are so many things to enjoy when the weather turns to hot, sunny days. Unfortunately, high energy bills are not one of those things. To stay cool, most of us turn to running the AC all day, and that runs up our electric bills, even if they’re from the cheapest energy provider. But you can still be comfortable without paying a high price. So, let’s look at five ways to slash your NY electric cooling bills.

Tips for a Cool and Cheap Summer

You don’t have to sweat to get a lower energy bill this summer in New York. These five tips are highly effective to bring your cooling costs down whether you’re in a New York City apartment or the suburbs of Buffalo.

  1. Make use of fans. On warm days, set ceiling fans to run counterclockwise for circulation. The breeze-like effect is very cooling. Also take advantage of fans to bring in cool air on fresh evenings. Fans use about 1% of the energy your AC uses, according to USA Today.
  2. Avoid the range and oven. Most cooktops have an efficiency between 32%-80%, according to Energy Star. The rest of the heat is just warms your home. That adds to your AC load. Instead cook outside or prepare dishes you can enjoy cold. Barbeque dinners with salads or cold fruit and veggies will feel refreshing and won’t heat up the house.
  3. Know when to open and close your windows. On cool nights, open windows to cool your house for free. Pay attention to windows you can open for a cross breeze like large fans or screened door openings, according to the Department of Energy. During the day, when daylight is beaming directly in, close windows and draw curtains and blinds.  
  4. Raise your thermostat setting. Setting your thermostat 7-10 degrees hotter for at least 8 hours per day can lower cooling costs by 10%. This is easy to do when you leave the house.
  5. Check your attic insulation. Unless your home is a newer build, your attic insulation is probably lacking. Without good insulation, heat in your attic transfers quickly into your home.

Now you are ready for a comfortable summer without the high costs. For more information on New York electricity savings and news, visit us at