How We Score New York Energy Providers

When you use our tools to compare electric suppliers in NY, we use a number of methods to score them. Using a variety of different sources helps us to give you the bigger picture. We don't score providers based on official rankings alone. We also make sure that we take the experiences of real people into account. So when you look at our scores, you know that they reflect an accurate image of how good each service is. In addition to using the official PSC scorecard, we also use data from other sources. Plus, we use reviews from real customers. Read on to find out more about how it works.

New York PSC ESCO Residential Complaint Scorecard

The New York Public Service Commission has created a system for scoring energy suppliers. The ESCO Residential Complaint Scorecard looks at the number of complaints received from customers. The scorecard gives a score to each energy supplier on a scaled basis in relation to the amount of complaints they get. It is updated quarterly so you can ensure that it's up to date. The scorecard is one of the recommended ways for consumers to compare energy suppliers. So we do the work for you and use it to help us inform our own scores. If you want to look at the scorecard for yourself, you can look at the PSC consumer website. However, it is only one of the tools that can be useful for you.

Additional Data

We don't just rely on the ESCO Residential Complain Scorecard. It gives us just one metric to help us rate electricity providers. There are many other places where we find valuable information about different suppliers. We can use third-party sources to provide us with more information for our research. For example, we might look at how electricity rates for a particular company have changed in the past. Using this information we can see how likely they are to raise or drop their prices compared to others. We can also look at data from social media, call centers, and other customer service channels. We look at how companies treat their customers, as well as prices.

Opinions from Customers

We also listen directly to customers by taking reviews into account. We ask customers to tell us what they think of different electricity providers. So we can collect thousands of opinions. We know that you want to hear from real people, as well as receiving information from statistics and data. It's important to know that you can choose your supplier based on experiences of others. These people have used them in their homes or businesses. This is an essential part of how we score providers and make sure we give accurate scores. Without the help of people like you, we wouldn't have real opinions to provide the best comparisons.

Scoring providers is an in-depth process that involves taking a variety of data sets and opinions into account. We want to make sure we provide scores that are useful to you in your search for the right supplier.