What Are ESCOs?

Simply put, ESCOs are energy service companies that have the aim of selling you gas, electricity or both. Registered with the PSC, these companies act purely as electricity suppliers in NY.  If you choose to purchase energy from an ESCO, it is important to realize that Con Edison continues to supply the electricity. They company provides electricity to most areas of New York City, excluding parts of Queens, as well as supplying other districts in Manhattan.

When shopping for ConEd electricity rates, it is important to be aware of their sales pitch. You need to make sure that they offering a deal suitable to you and your lifestyle on the market. Not all energy tariffs will suit every customer. It will depend on how customers use energy on a daily basis. Con Edison encourages customers to shop around the market and find the best deal for them. However, they will also arrange for you to switch back to their service if you are unhappy with the rates provided by the chosen ESCO

How do I choose A New ESCO

You can choose to get your energy from a new ESCO by contacting them directly. You will need to provide your Con Edison account number so that they can get you enrolled on their service. The time this takes can vary, but it should not be longer than a few days.

Start by putting in your New York zip code, and click the button to get current rates in your area!

Does electricity get shut off during the change?

No, Con Edison will continue supplying electricity over their wires to your home. Energy supplies are not interrupted by switching to an ESCO. If you switch, the only difference that you notice will be the change in rates.

Can I cancel Con Edison?

If you are moving out and no longer want service, you should contact Con Edison directly to turn off the electricity supply to your home. However, if you want to switch to a different ESCO, you can do that easily here on NY Energy Ratings. Just enter your zip in the box, and fire Con Edison!

How Will I Be Billed?

You could get two separate bills, one from Con Edison and one from the ESCO. Or, you could get a combined bill including utility delivery charges. However, no matter what billing option you choose, you will still have complete access to your utility billing.

Can I Switch Back To Con Edison

You may find that you are unhappy with the service or rates provided by the ESCO. If that's the case, you can switch back to Con Edison. Although, there may be certain conditions attached depending on the energy supplied and the ESCO you chose. For instance, you may need to stay with Con Edison for at least one year before switching again to another ESCO.

Why Does My Con Edison Bill Rise?

Many people may consider switching from Con Edison to another supplier because they have noticed a rise in rates. However, it should be noted that energy bills will often rise due to seasonal usage or even depending on the number of days in a month. Energy electricity bills can also vary from month to month, often due to weather and climate conditions. In the summer, the air con is used more often, while in the winter, heaters are switched on, pushing bills higher.

Is It Worth Switching to a different utility provider?

That is entirely up to the individual customer. Con Edison understands that various ESCOs offer rates and deals that may be more suitable for certain people. This is why they encourage them to research the market and make their own choice.