How do I find the cheapest electricity in Albany?

Not sure how to find the cheapest electricity deal for your home in Albany? Relax! We make it easy by answering all your questions.

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Shopping for the Cheapest Electricity plan can be confusing. We sort through the nagging questions to help you find the best deals.

If you’re a new resident in Albany, NY, you’ll be heading into new territory for your electricity plans. Specifically, you will be in National Grid territory. We know moving is expensive, but you can recover some of that cash with energy savings. So, let’s find out how we can find the cheapest electricity in Albany.

Cheapest Electricity Plans in Albany FAQs

To help everyone save money on Albany electricity, let’s answer some commonly asked questions about plans and providers.

Do I have to stick with National Grid or can I shop for my own supplier?
The answer is yes and no. National Grid will always be your electric utility. But, because New York has Energy Choice, you can choose from any available ESCO.

What are the different electricity plans available in my area?
At New York Energy Savings, you’ll see there are three plans to choose from:

What are the pros and cons of different plan types?
Your available plans include fixed rate, variable rate, intro rate, and green energy plans.

  • A fixed rate plan guarantees your rate during your contract and is often cheaper than variable rates. However, you are locked into the contract and may have a penalty for early cancellation.
  • A variable rate doesn’t have a contract length or termination fee. But the price varies, so it can be harder to predict your bill.
  • Intro rate plans are variable rate plans with a great cheap rate for the first month. They can help you save money for a month, but then may cost you more.
  • Green energy plans offset energy use with RECs. However, if you want to go 100% green, a supplier might charge extra.

How do I switch electricity providers?
Switching to an ESCO is simple. Once you sign up for a plan, the switch usually happens in about five days. However, it can take longer if you owe money from past bills. Also, if you switch from a fixed rate contract, you will likely have to pay a cancellation fee.

Electricity Service FAQs

Saving money isn’t the only important thing. Here are a few more answers to common questions about your electric service in Albany.

What are the different charges on my electricity bill?
Your electric charges fall into three categories: delivery, supply, and taxes. Delivery charges cover the cost to your utility for maintaining equipment, meter reading, etc. Supply charges cover the electricity you use at your variable or fixed rate cost per kWh.

Are there plans available with a higher percentage of renewable energy?
You can get up to 100% renewable energy from some providers. This may come with an additional fee.

How can I reduce my carbon footprint through my electricity usage?
Choosing a plan with a high renewable energy percentage is a great start. But lowering your energy use overall with energy saving tips is even better.

How can I report a power outage or problem with my electricity service?
Because National Grid maintains your electricity equipment and power lines, they are the ones you want to contact about an outage. If you’re having an issue with your ESCO, you can contact them directly and you also have the option to report a problem to the NY PSC.  

Get Your Cheap Electricity Now!

You have several good options for your electric service in Albany. However, we recommend grabbing a long term plan with a cheap rate now. Plan prices are likely to go up in the summer due to the demand from A/C use. Locking in a great rate today will help you save money through summer and beyond.

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