Help me understanding my ConEd Electricity Bill

Many people feel confused when looking at their ConEd bill. It's important to know what your bill entails and means if you're going to make informed decisions regarding your utilities. Con Edison's bills show a cost breakdown for energy supply, energy delivery, and taxes. By knowing what to look at, you'll be able to select the best supplier and get better deals.

What are the most important parts of my Coned electricity bill?

  • Message center - here, you will receive messages regarding things like late payments and charges for them.

  • Total amount due - your previous and new charges added together. These charges must be paid by the 25th of the next month, or you'll have a percentage of what you owe to pay.

  • New charges - these are your electricity and gas charges.

  • Previous charges -  charges you haven't paid from previous months.

How do I lower my ConEd bill?

It's easy to get a better rate on your ConEd bill.

  1. Find your most recent bill, because you'll need some information in order to place an order
  2. Check out electricity plans available to ConEd customers
  3. Pick a supplier based on our ratings and customer reviews.
  4. Click 'Sign Up Now' to place your order in our secure cart!

What are "Supply Charges" on my ConEd bill?

  • Market price - this refers to the price that Con Edison are charging you for your electricity if you haven't chosen an alternate energy supplier. The price is based on the wholesale market and will therefore vary. It will be dependent on the market at the time of billing.

  • Merchant function charge -  this charge refers to Con Edison's charges to procure the energy. It goes towards the employees that buy the energy, their offices, etc. If you choose an alternate supplier, this charge will not be on your bill.

  • GRT and other tax surcharges - taken by the state from Con Edison. Similar to sales tax. Con Edison then charge the customer.

  • Total energy supply cost per kWh - the total electricity supply cost, divided by electricity usage during the period. Compare this price with other suppliers to get a better deal.

  • The gas supply charges are structured in the same way as the energy charges.

What are ConEd Delivery Charges for electricity?

  • Basic service charge - a fixed amount including the reading of your meters. It does not relate to your kWh usage. Includes billing and payment charge, producing the bill and sending payment. Some alternate suppliers may pay this charge, others may not.

  • Delivery charge - Your charge per kWh. Pays for the maintenance of the grid used to send energy to your home.

  • SBC charges - the System Benefits Charge supports energy initiatives, education, and outreach.

  • RPS charges - a charge that goes towards renewable goals set by the state.

  • GRT and other tax surcharges - gross receipts tax.

  • Sales tax - the sales tax is 4.5% percent of the total amount you owe.

  • Total electricity charges - helps you to manage your energy usage by informing you on your consumption.

What are ConEd Delivery Charges for natural gas?

  • Basic service charge - the first 2.9 terms are a fixed amount. Also may be avoided with an alternate supplier.

  • Remaining - pays for the maintenance of the gas network.

  • Monthly rate adjustment - covers putting gas in storage, non recurring events, and weather variations.

  • SBC charges - the same as the electricity charges.

  • GRT and other tax surcharges - gross receipts, the same as electricity.

  • Sales tax for gas is also 4.5% of the amount that you owe.