Understanding your Central Hudson Electricity Bill

Understanding Your Central Hudson Electricity Bill

When you better understand your bill with Central Hudson, you can get a good idea of the best utility supplier for you. Central Hudson is a delivery utility service, and will always deliver your utilities. However, you may want an alternate service for your supply so you can get the best Central Hudson electricity rate. This can save you money in the long run, as you may avoid some default charges and get a better deal overall. Here are some terms and their definitions to help you understand your Central Hudson bill:

Basic Service Charges

Basic NY electricity service charges are billed regardless of whether you use your electricity in the billing period or not. The cost includes the maintenance of the electric lines and the bi-monthly reading of your meter. You will be charged even if you have used no electricity.

Delivery Service Charges

Delivery Service Charges refers to the amount it costs Central Hudson to deliver electricity to you. This won't change, even if you decide to select a different energy supplier.

MFC Administration Charges

The Merchant Function Charge is given when alternate suppliers use Central Hudson's billing system. Customers who receive a bill from an alternate supplier won't be charged this.

Transition Adjustments

Transition adjustments are only billed when customers buy their energy supply with alternate suppliers.

System Benefits Charge/Renewable Portfolio Surcharge

This state charge is billed to put towards energy efficiency programs, as well as assistance for low-income customers. It also goes towards energy research & development, and is designed to make people want to use renewable energy sources. Renewable energy resources can be more expensive in some cases, as they cost more to procure. However, they contribute to a cleaner, greener environment.

Purchased Power Adjustments

This is usually money paid back to you.

Miscellaneous Charges

A charge like this could potentially refer to a transaction with a grid operator if it isn't Central Hudson. However, you may need to call and inquire if you're unsure what yours may refer to.

NYS Assessments

This is state charge is designed to recover the Temporary State Energy & Utility Services Conservation Assessment.

MFC Supply Charges

You will not have to pay this charge if you choose an alternate supplier. It refers to the company's cost to obtain the gas and energy supply that they supply to you.

Market Prices

Market Prices are billed to you by your supplier. This will be Central Hudson automatically if you have not yet compared and chosen an alternate supplier. Central Hudson bases this price on the average market wholesale price of electricity for the past month. It is also based on an estimate of what next month will be like. This is designed to help customers better figure out what they will be paying. However, adjustments may be made.

Market Price Adjustments

An adjustment will be given if the market price is different at the end of the month to that which was predicted.

These terms should help you to understand your bill better. If you need further help you can find sample bills online to compare yours with.