Orange and Rockland Switching FAQ

Energy choice in this day and age allows you to select a competitive electricity and gas supplier. By selecting a competitive supplier, you can potentially save money on your Orange & Rockland electricity rates. Whether you choose to switch or stay with Orange & Rockland, they assure customers that you'll still get the same level of service from them. If you choose to switch, one company will supply the energy while O&R deliver it. Here are some FAQs to help you figure out what to do:

What If I'm Moving Into A New Home?

If you're moving into a new home and want Orange and Rockland to supply your energy, you should call them 48 hours in advance. If the lines have been cut off previously, it may take this long to get them going again and ensure you have everything you need.

What If I Don't Switch Right Away?

If you don't switch right away, you'll be put onto a variable rate plan with O&R by default. The price you pay will vary depending on market prices at that time.

Is Switching Going To Disrupt My Service?

No. When you switch, there won't usually be a disruption to your service. Many people worry about this and avoid switching as a result. All New York energy suppliers endeavour to ensure that you'll get the same level of quality service. There won't usually be any enrollment fees either.

Will Somebody Need To Visit Me At My Home?

No. Home visit are not required when switching your energy and gas over. You won't have any home disruptions from competitive suppliers.  

Will There Be Changes To The Billing Process?

With some suppliers, the billing process stays exactly the same. In some cases, your billing process may change slightly. The O&R part of your bill will remain the same, as they are still your energy delivery service. Most competitive suppliers out there endeavour to make switching as simple as possible with as few changes as possible. Make sure you enquire about this with your chosen supplier if you're unsure.

What Benefits Can I Get From Switching To A Competitive Supplier?

New York electricity rates are deregulated, which forces providers to improve services and provide things like improved budget management and energy education. There are also renewable energy options in most states if you're concerned with helping the environment. They are available for commercial and residential customers.

Will Renewable Energy Be More Expensive?

The biggest determining factor in how much you pay on your bill, is how much energy you use. However, delivering renewable energy does cost more than delivering polluting energy. This means that if you select a clean energy provider, you'll likely pay more.

Can I Sign Up Without Agreeing To A Long-term Contract?

With many suppliers, yes. You will be able to select an introductory contract or a 12 month contract in most cases.

Will I Get A Termination Fee If I No Longer Want The Service?

You won't usually get a termination fee for deciding to end your contract with a supplier.