Super Bowl Party You Really Can Afford in Albany

Find out how you can put on a super party for the Super Bowl without super expense! Check out our tips to saving energy and money!

Spend Less to Impress Super Bowl Sunday

Our super snack and energy saving ideas can help you save a lot more on your Super Bowl Party this Sunday!
Learn how you can save on energy but still put on a fantastic Super Bowl Party for your friends and family!

Most of us can’t afford Super Bowl tickets. That’s even more true this year considering tickets are selling for more money than ever before. Maybe you think you can’t even afford to host a Super Bowl party at your own home! But we have some savings advice that will make you feel better about sending out party invites. Also count on our advice to include energy savings tips! So, let’s dive into our tips for throwing a Super Bowl party you can afford in Albany.

Affordable Food for a Super Bowl Party

Food is probably what you spend the most money on when you host a party. But follow our advice to save money and energy on your Super Bowl menu!

Air Fried Chicken Wings: Air fryers are fast. In fact, they’ll get you to the endzone faster than Brandon Aiyuk. This also helps keep electricity costs low. Fry up a game-day classic, crispy chicken wings, which only need about 15 minutes to cook! Comparatively, in a conventional oven, you need 45 minutes plus pre-heating. Pair with homemade buffalo sauce to spice things up.

Slow Cooker Chili: Save time and energy with an inexpensive slow cooker chili. A slow cooker uses about 200 watts per hour. On the other hand, an electric stove burner uses over 1,000 watts an hour. That can really drive up your NY energy bill. The basic components of chili—beans, ground beef, tomato, and onions—are all cheap. Once you have that down, customize the recipe to make it your own.

Charcuterie Board: This party food is a zero-energy choice for your party. However, it’s easy to spend a lot of money on cured meats and cheeses. Shop around and find some cheese on sale and keep your meat selection simple with a variety pack. Add in cheaper elements like cherry tomatoes, berries, mixed nuts, pickles, etc. Be flexible and find sales!

Rice Crispy Treats: Finally, we come to dessert. This option is low energy and low effort. Alternatively, spend more time making them look nicer if you want! Unlike a cookie or cake, rice crispy treats only require a few minutes from the stove top. This keeps your energy spending down. Dress them up by dipping in melted chocolates. Celebrate your team with color coordinated sprinkles or frosted jersey numbers.

More Ways to Cut Party Energy Costs

We’re not stopping at food! Here are a few more tips to cut your electric company bills at your Super Bowl Party!

  • Don’t Be Too Welcoming: Keep doors shut to any part of the house that’s not a party space like basements, bedrooms, and even bathrooms. This keeps the warm air in the party zone and makes it easier to keep lights off elsewhere in the house.
  • Designated Door: Ask guests to use only one entry door. The garage door is usually a great option! This way there’s less chance multiple doors will be opened, frequently creating drafts.
  • Turn Down the Thermostat: If you’re having a lot of people over, body heat can help you save on electricity. Turn down the thermostat and let your guests do the rest.
  • Don’t Use the Fridge: Stash drinks in an icy cooler to keep guests out of the fridge. The compressor will run less often and save energy.

Well, I think that’s enough talking… let’s play some football!!! Enjoy your energy-efficient Super Bowl party. Visit us for more energy saving tips in New York today at