Central Hudson Switching FAQs

Central Hudson are an energy delivery provider. You can get both your delivery and supply from them, or you can select an alternative ESCO supplier to get a better Central Hudson electricity rate. Here's a Central Hudson G&E switching FAQ to help you figure out what to do.

What Payment Options Are There With Central Hudson?

Central Hudson offer many payment options for their customers. You can make one off payments online, pay at one of their in store branches, and have automatic payments taken on line. However, there are other options to consider too.

Electricity delivery and supply rates are separated, so you can better understand your bill.

How Do I Open Or Close An Account With Central Hudson?

You will need to make a call to Central Hudson's call center to discuss your needs.

What Is Customer Energy Choice?

New York Energy Choice gives customers the option to select an ESCO alternative energy and gas supplier. While Central Hudson still delivers your utilities and provides the same service, you can take a look at competitive suppliers. There may be some benefits to this, depending on who you choose to go with. However, you can stick with Central Hudson's full service if you don't wish to make a switch. Whether you choose to switch or not, Central Hudson will still respond to calls and emergencies from you, as they deliver you utilities. You can switch at any time.

What Do I Do In Emergencies?

In emergencies, you'll need to call Central Hudson, no matter which ECSO service you are with. If you know that a storm is coming or have received a warning, you can stock up on essentials to reduce the impact while you wait for Central Hudson. If you lose power for no obvious reason, you can call Central Hudson with your account number and other important information at the ready to get it back on as fast as possible.

Is It Normal To Get Approached By Another Energy Company?

Yes, if they are a supply company. As Central Hudson delivers your energy, supply companies may approach you to encourage you to switch. However, Central Hudson delivers your energy no matter what. It's up to you whether you'd like to pick an alternate energy company for your supply.

How Do I Make A Switch?

Contact the alternate provider and inquire with them. It'll be up to them to notify Central Hudson 15 days prior to the date of your desired switch. You should then receive some form of confirmation to know you've been successful.

What If I Want To Switch Back?

If you want to switch back to Central Hudson's full service, you won't be charged by them. You can switch as many times as you like. However, you may be subject to charges from the energy supplier. If you're switching your energy service, Central Hudson will need at least 5 business days notice. If you are switching your gas service, Central Hudson will need at least 10 business days notice.