What Are Shoulder Months and Why Should I Switch Now?

Find out why you get the best deals on your New York electricity rates by shopping for the cheapest rates during the Shoulder Months.

Capitalize on Shoulder Month Savings

The Shoulder Months are the best time to shop and compare New York electricity rates. Learn how shopping now can save you more.
Learn how shopping and comparing New York electricity rates during the shoulder months can help you save more on your future monthly utility bills.

Moderate fall temperatures translate to energy savings. The same is true for the mild weather in spring. We call these periods of the year shoulder months. Year after year these months tend to be the best time for customers to find energy savings. How can you get your hands on these savings? Let’s dig into what shoulder months are and why they are a good time to switch to lower priced plans.

What Are Shoulder Months?

Shoulder months are essentially the off-seasons for heating and cooling. In other words, they are periods of the year when run your furnace or AC very little. Most of the energy we use is for heating and cooling. On average, it’s about 51% of annual residential energy consumption. So, in the months you’re not heating or cooling your home, your energy bills should go down. For electric New York utilities like Con Ed, that means demand goes down. Lower demand then drives down the price of electricity. Therefore, the shoulder months are when electric rates in NY tend to be lowest.

According to the EIA, shoulder months are early spring and late fall. Specifically for NY, we consider the shoulder period to be mid-April to mid-May for spring and early-October to late-November for fall.

Should I Switch Electric Suppliers Now?

Electric suppliers typically offer lower rates during the shoulder months. This makes October a great time to switch electric suppliers and get a cheap rate. The bonus is that a switch during these periods when demand is low can set you up to save money on your electric bill in NY for years.

Due to weather and other events, energy prices can be volatile and challenging to predict. Fortunately, these low demand periods tend to provide some savings. Right now, savings are looking much better than last year. Plus, when you lock-in a cheap rate with a 12-, 24-, or even 36-month plan puts you into position to renew or find another plan in 1-3 years again in October when rates are more likely to be favorable for you.

You can see the shoulder month effect at work in the NYSERDA data on average residential retail electricity rates. The data shows that this year prices decreased 16% from winter highs to spring lows.

Save More Money with Shoulder Month Rates

The shoulder months are a great time to shop for electric plans. Not only will you save money with an affordable rate, but you will also be prepped to find a good deal next time your contract is up. Stay up to date on energy saving strategies with us at https://www.nyenergyratings.com.

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