Best Winter Thermostat Setting to Save Money

Find out how setting your thermostat lower during the winter while you're not home or asleep can help reduce your monthly utility bills.

Lower Thermostat, Lower Bills

Set your thermostat to give you the most efficient performance for your home and save money on your bills.
Save more money on your NY heating bills this winter when you learn how to best set your thermostat for your home.

Costs everywhere are on the rise. The price of groceries alone has gone up more than 15% in two years according to the USDA. So, we can understand why many New Yorkers are heading towards a winter of budget cutbacks. With autumn settled in, you may already be running the heat. Now, not everyone agrees on the most comfortable thermostat setting. And that it can very from house to house. Since the one thing we can help you with is lower energy costs, let’s dig into finding the best winter thermostat setting for your home to help you save money.

How A Thermostat Setback Works

Here’s some simple math for you. According to, you can save about 1% on your energy bill for every degree you turn down your thermostat in the winter.

The best way to take advantage of this is by setting your home’s temperature 8°F lower at night and when you’re away from the house. If you’re an adventurous New York City dweller, this could be most of the day! Alternatively, if you work from home but spend regular intervals of time out at the gym or doing other activities, set your thermostat lower when you leave.

Thermostat Hacks to Get Your Savings

Get your energy savings in New York with these tips.

Set it to 68: says an easy way to save energy is by setting your the temperature to 68°F when home. If you have never been too energy-conscious in the past, you likely set your temperature much higher. At the lower temperature, you might feel a little chilly if you’re sitting still for a while. But a blanket solves that problem quickly!

Get Smart Thermostat: the best way to get these savings is with a smart thermostat. Easily set the temperature you want throughout the day and the thermostat will automatically program your schedule. With a motion sensor, the thermostat knows when you’re not home and will automatically set energy saving temperatures. People with ENERGY STAR Smart Thermostats save an average of 8% per year.

Use Your Programmable Thermostat: many people don’t take advantage of the features of their programmable device. Set a schedule on it and start saving. If you adjust the temperature on a day when you feel chilly, don’t worry. You won’t mess up the schedule or your savings.

Habits and Reminders: if you don’t have a more high-tech option, that’s alright. With a standard thermostat, simply make a habit of visiting it before you go to bed and when you leave the house. Even use your phone to set up reminders!

Need More Energy Saving Tips?

Quick! Run over to your thermostat now and set it to 68°F. Or, if you’re going to bed, set it to 60°F. When you’re asleep and under the covers, you won’t notice the difference. You can trust me on that! My smart thermostat turns the temperature down to 58°F overnight. It comes up an hour before we wake and our bills are lower.

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