Why Now’s the Time to Prep Your Albany Home for Winter

Sure, it's still warm out but the cold is coming. Learn the winter prep chores that are much easier and cheaper to do while it's still warm out and save on your energy bills all year!

Winter Prep Tips for Albany Home

Winter prep your home in Albany now! Learn which important weatherizing chores you can knock out easily while it' still warm so you can save more on your winter bills.
sure, fall’s just starting. But learn which important winter prep chores you can do easily while it’s still warm! Plus you”ll find ways to save more on your energy bills all year.

We are coming down from scorching summer weather and falling into autumn. It’s the perfect season for football, apple picking, pumpkin carving, and winterizing your Albany home. I know you might not be ready to think about winter yet. But prepping your home now while temperatures are comfortable is better and easier than waiting. Check out our list of 6 ways to prep your home for winter now.

Winter Prep Outside the Home

Cross these three outdoor winter prep items off your to do list sooner than later.

Clean Gutters: Gunky gutters are not something you want to deal with in the dead of winter. They contribute to dangerous and damaging ice dams building up on your roof. Although you may need to wait a bit for autumn leaves to fall, clean gutters as early as you can to avoid working in freezing temperatures. It’s also a good time to install metal mesh rain gutter barriers that will keep out leaves and debris in the future.

Trim Trees: Protect your roof and check trees for low hanging or dead limbs. Wind-blown tree limbs that rub against your roof can tear off shingles. Avoid damage to your house or losing power by removing dead or rotting branches, especially before a heavy snowfall. For trees near high voltage lines, contact National Grid about safe tree trimming.

Markers: Mark your driveway and walkways for safe snow removal. Take this from someone who has been stuck driving off her own driveway more than once! Also mark gardens and plants you want to avoid trampling during winter activities.  

Winter Prep Inside the Home

Prep your home for winter to stay warmer inside with these three big items.

Insulation: If your house has inadequate insulation then heat is escaping through your attic, walls, and pipes. This costs money and makes your living space uncomfortable. Easily add sheets of insulation according to recommended R-values in your attic. Also, cover accessible PVC and copper hot water pipes with foam or fiberglass insulation sleeves. Finally, a bigger project to consider is adding more insulation.

Sealing: Combined with insulation, sealing your home can save you up to 15% on heating costs. Use expanding foam to seal gaps that lead into your attic, basement, or crawl space. Use caulk to seal gaps around windows and door frames. Additionally, where you see daylight around exterior doors, add weather stripping. Also seal around any places pipes or wires penetrate exterior walls. Finally, seal joints in your HVAC ductwork to avoid heat loss.

Furnace Inspections: Schedule a furnace inspection now to reduce the risk of a delay in service. Technicians check all functions of the furnace from gas and electrical connections, pilot light or igniter, blower motor, and thermostat. Also stock up on air filters to keep your furnace running efficiently all winter.

Welcome Winter with a Well-Prepped Home

After completing these tasks, you’ll be ready for winter well before the cold weather kicks into high gear. Getting ready now sets you up for a more relaxing winter and is likely to save you money on your NY electric bill. For more information, visit us at https://www.nyenergyratings.com.

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