Steamed Over Keeping Your Gas Stove?

Does New York's new electric building laws have you ready to boil over? Don't loose your cool. Find out how the law really affects your home, especially your gas stove.

NY Kicks the Gas Stove Out?

Is NY banning the gas stove? Find out what you can really expect from New York new building law and how it affects your home.
All sorts of cheesy, half-baked, and hard boiled facts having been stewing over the New York all-electric building law. Find out with us what you can really expect and how it could affect your home.

Wondering what will happen to your gas stove? After NY passed the All-Electric Building Act, you are not alone asking about the fate of your gas appliance. In fact, many people love cooking with gas. Therefore, it’s understandable locals have concerns. The political move is part of a state-wide effort to meet climate goals and lower NYSEG utility bills. But is it the best plan for New Yorkers? If you’re really steamed up about keeping your gas stove, then find out here what’s really in the new law and what you can expect.

Is My Gas Stove Safe?

The new law is not coming for your gas stove. The first impact of the law is stopping new construction from adding gas hookups. This means new homes will use electric appliances only. Starting in 2030, residents who need to replace failing units will have to go for electric over gas. But even this measure aims to phase out gas heating and not gas stoves.

But, recent studies show gas appliances increase indoor air pollution. Researchers even found a strong link between the fumes gas stoves release and childhood asthma cases. So, the health of New Yorkers is another important consideration for lawmakers.

Opponents of the law worry that depending solely on electricity is dangerous, too. For example, Upstate cities like Buffalo could be vulnerable to storms and power outages in an all-electric future. Buffalo electric providers and state officials will need to create solid emergency plans to aid the switch to electric over the next decade.  

Is My Natural Gas Costing Me Money?

When you compare NY energy costs and efficiency, gas and electric stoves are neck-and-neck. New appliance and ongoing energy costs average out to be similar. Moreover, the energy you use cooking only adds up to about 4-5% of your total energy use.

Home heating is actually the single biggest energy cost you face. On average, heating accounts for 43% of your yearly energy costs. That’s why efficient heating options are the biggest focus of the New York laws and many energy saving tips. Lawmakers also expect the new rules will help relieve the pressure of high energy bills across the state.

What To Do About My Gas Stove?

When you use your gas stove or other gas appliances, ventilation is key. Install and use a vent hood whenever you’re cooking. Make sure any other gas appliances are properly ventilated and schedule regular maintenance with a professional. If you want to switch to electric, check out the rebates available through the Inflation Reduction Act.

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