How to Shop and Compare Electricity Plans in New York

The best gift this year is cutting the cost of your New York utility bills. Learn how to shop for the lowest rates that save you more on your electricity!

Shop to Save on Electricity in NY

Learn how electricity plan shopping can help you save on your New York utility bills next year.
Give yourself the gift of saving on your New York utility bills. Learn these tips on how to shop smarter for electricity next year and save more money!

Do you have a New Year’s resolution to save money? If so, shopping could be your solution. It’s true, shopping usually doesn’t save money. But when it comes to things you have to buy, like electricity, shopping for the best electric rate is a great way to hold onto more cash. The trick is knowing what to look for. So, let’s talk about how to shop and compare electricity plans in New York.

Why Electric Plans Have Different Rates

First, let’s make sure we understand a little bit about the electricity market in New York. In our state, you can get your electricity directly from the utility company or from an ESCO. ESCOs use all the same infrastructure as your utility, but they often offer electricity plans at a cheaper rate than your utility. That’s because they shop for deals on the wholesale market and pass those savings on to you!

When you see the per kWh rates of different plans, that’s the supply portion of your electric bill. In other words, the cost for how much electricity you use. Meanwhile, delivery charges cover the utility’s costs to maintain the grid, read meters, and keep power flowing to your home. You pay these charges even if you use no electricity.

How to Compare Electricity Plans to Save

Follow this checklist to compare electric plans and start saving money!

  • Available ESCOs. Check out the list of ESCOs from the NYS Department of Public Service to check which companies serve your area.
  • Choose your term length. A longer-term plan might have a higher rate, but you lock in the savings for longer.
  • Shoulder Months. Energy prices are seasonal. So, lock in a long-term rate during spring and fall shoulder months when prices are low. A short-term plan could be a better option for high demand periods in winter and summer.
  • Rates. The companies with the cheapest energy rates will top your list for savings potential. But there is more to compare!
  • Fees and Charges. Plans with similar rates could have different fees and charges. For example, a high monthly charge might cancel out a slightly lower per kWh rate.
  • Incentives. To draw in customers, many ESCOs offer deals, credits, or other perks.
  • Disclosure Statement. Make sure you know all the details of a plan and contract before you sign on the dotted line.
  • Customer Reviews. Check out customer reviews to get an idea of an ESCO’s reputation.

Shop the Best Electricity Plans in New York

After you have worked through our checklist, you’ll be ready to shop and switch to a new electricity plan. Better yet, you’ll be switching with the confidence that your new plan will save you money and that it’s the best plan available for you. For more New York electricity news and information, visit us at