Five LED Holiday Light Safety Tips

Even though LED holiday lights use less electricity, they can still be dangerous. check out our 5 easy lighting tips to stay safe this season.

Keep Your Holiday Lights Safe with LEDs

Our 5 LED holiday lighting safety tips can help make your home's display not only safer but easier to enjoy. Plus find out how LEDs help you save money on your electricity bills.
These 5 LED holiday safety tips untangle the mystery of making your home’s display not only safer but easy to enjoy. Plus they may help you save some money on your New York electric bills.

Outdoor holiday light displays are one of our favorite annual traditions. In this chilly season, these lights have a warming effect without raising temperatures. Now that we have LED lights, our light displays are even cooler, literally! According to Energy Star, LEDs use 75% less energy than traditional lights, emit much less heat, and are more durable. Not only is this good news for your Central Hudson electric bill, it makes LEDs safer than traditional lights. However, there are still some important LED holiday light safety tips you should follow.

5 Safety Tips for LED Holiday Lights

Follow these 5 tips for a safer LED holiday light display.

1. Don’t install with power on. Plug in your lights to check them but avoid installing the lights when powered on. In case of any kind of accident during installation, you’ll reduce the risk of shock or fire when you unplug the lights or otherwise shut off power.

2. Lights need to be suitable for outdoor use. You can’t use just any lights outdoors. If you use the wrong lights outside, they’ll be more susceptible to failure which can lead to injuries, damage to your home or landscaping, or even a serious fire. If you plug into an extension cord, it also needs to be rated for outdoor use.

3. Plug into a GFCI. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters are the only outlets you should have outdoors and the only outlets you should plug your outdoor holiday lights into. These outlets shut off power in a fraction of a second in case of a fault.

4. Use plastic not metal. If your light display requires any ties to secure lights to your house or trees, use plastic only. Any metal could damage the lights and of course conduct electricity and create a dangerous situation.

5. Use a timer or turn lights off. LEDs don’t burn nearly as warm as traditional lights and are generally much safer. However, damage to the lights could happen unpredictably and cause a fire or other disasters. When you are sleeping or away from the house, it’s best to shut off lights. Furthermore, turning your lights off will help keep your New York electricity supplier costs lower.

More About Holiday LED Lights

Here are a few more things to know about LEDs as you set up your holiday light displays.

  • You can plug in many more LED string lights end-to-end compared to incandescent. Typically, the manufacturer will recommend the number of LED light strings that can be used together.
  • LED lights don’t use glass bulbs, making them more durable.
  • LED lights have a much longer useful life, potentially up to 40 holiday seasons.

Lastly, shopping for new electricity rates in New York can help your energy savings go even further. Be sure to visit us today at for more information about holiday lights, LEDs, and New York electricity news.