What Kinds of Renewable Energy Are Available in New York?

New York is building its capacity for renewable energy. Find out about the kinds of green energy availiable, how it's made, where it comes from, and how it can power your home.

Renewable Energy Powers NY

Choose Renewable Energy sourced electricity for your home in New York. Learn what it is, where it comes from, and how you can save.
Find out more about the kinds of renewable energy in New York state. Learn about the choices you have to power your home with green energy.

The New York state government has pushed hard to make more green energy rules. And lately they have been quite successful. We now have policies to reduce energy demand in the state and push towards making and using more green energy. The Clean Energy Standard requires the state will run with 70% renewable energy by 2030. So, let’s see what kinds of renewable energy are in New York today.

Making Renewable Energy in NY

The EIA states that about three-tenths of the energy NY generates is green. Thanks to our fast-flowing neighbor, the Niagara River, we have access to some major hydroelectric power. In fact, hydro power counts for more than 20% of our total generation. In 2022, we ranked third in the nation for hydro power.

Our access to wind power is also ideal on the shores of Lakes Erie and Ontario. Only 3% of the power we produce is from wind, but we have more coming! Offshore wind projects for more than 4,300 megawatts are in progress. Further, the current state-wide goal is 9,000 MW by 2035. That is more than four times our current wind power production.

NY also makes an impact with solar power. Specifically, NY ranks fourth in the nation for power from small-scale solar. Like wind, NY makes about 3% of its electricity with solar.

Lastly, NY also taps into energy from biomass. Only 2% of the energy we produce comes from this source. However, that still puts us eleventh in the nation for biomass. Much of this energy comes from our garbage! Things like paper, food waste, and leaves are burned in biomass plants to make steam energy.

The state’s focus on more renewable energy and producing more in-state generation aims to drive down energy costs. Long-term, this will help lower your NYC electric bill.

Green Energy Plans in NY

So, how can you get your hands on that clean, green energy?

The grid that supplies your home with electricity doesn’t connect directly to an energy source. That means there’s no way to guarantee the electricity you use comes from a hydropower plant, for example. However, some NY electric providers, like Verde Energy, buy Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to offset the energy use.

RECs are an energy commodity. They help keep track of the renewable energy produced in the US and who owns it. One REC is equal to one megawatt hour of electricity from a renewable source. Once that green electricity is on the grid, the producing facility can sell the RECs to other utilities and suppliers. Buying RECs allows companies who aren’t producing or using enough renewable energy to meet renewable energy state-required benchmarks. So, providers like Verde Energy can offer energy plans offset 100% by RECs. Companies simply need to buy RECs equal to the amount their customers use on those plans.

Shop for Renewable Energy Plans Now

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