How Landscaping Helps Cool Your Home

Use your green thumb to increase your NY home's energy efficiency! Learn how landscaping can affect your home's energy efficiency and save more!

Landscaping Is Cool

Smart landscaping can actually help keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Check out these great tips to save more.
Learn how adding landscaping not only enhances your home’s beuaty and value but also helps keep it cooler in summer and warmer in winter! Check out these great tips!

Newly constructed homes have an energy efficiency problem. It’s not windows, insulation, or lightbulbs. No, it’s the lack landscaping. For construction teams, it’s easier to completely clear trees, bushes, and most of the grass before they start building a house. But when your new home is built, it’s completely exposed to the harsh sun and wind. Consequently, that exposure costs you on your NYSEG electric bill. On the other hand, well-positioned landscaping can reduce your home’s energy use by up to 25%. So, let’s check out seven ways landscaping can help cool your home.

Cut Costs with Energy-Efficient Landscaping

In terms of landscaping, a naked house is a more expensive house. Even if you have the best electric rate in NY, your energy costs will still be higher without landscaping. But don’t worry! You can make changes to your landscape that have a cooling effect in the first year.

Shade Walls: Shade south- and west-facing walls with vines on a trellis. Some vines grow so quickly you can get shade on your home this summer.

Shade Other Parts of the Yard: Cool pathways, sidewalks, and patios with hedges or more vines. Deciduous vines are great to let more sun onto your property during winter.

Shade the Ground: Shrubs or other plant clusters cool the ground around your home. This reduces heat radiation and cools the air surrounding your home.

Funnel the Breeze: If you’re lucky enough to have good size trees on your property, funnel evening breezes toward first story windows by trimming lower branches and planting shrubs against your house.

Native Plants: Choose plants that are native to New York and the northeastern US to give them the best chance to thrive. Additionally, if you are looking for trees, slow growing options will likely live longer and require less maintenance.

Cool Landscaping for Years to Come

Our final two landscaping tips take a little longer to pay off. But it’s worth the wait!

Shade Trees: Plant shade trees to the south and west. Deciduous trees maximize cooling in summer but allow sunlight through in winter. Don’t choose taller trees if you have or plan to have rooftop solar panels.

Plant Evergreens, Too: Dense evergreens do double duty by providing shade in summer and cold-stopping windbreaks in winter. Get the most out of them in the northwest portion of your lot.

Make Your Home Even Cooler with Cheap Electric Rates

Spend some time planning your new energy-efficient landscaping project with our tips. Then, make your savings go further by shopping for a new electric supplier.  Compare all the available plans in your area to make finding the best plan fast and easy. Just visit us today at

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