Tips to Stay Warm and Green Upstate this Winter

Don't let high electricity rates freeze your bank account! Stay green while saving green and still keep warm with our energy saving tips.

Stay Green and Save Green in Upstate New York this Winter

Save green and stay warm this winter with these 8 great energy efficiency tips. Find out how to avoid high electricity bills this winter.
With winter weather extremes forecast for upstate NY, paying high electric bills this winter sounds impossible. Don’t panic! Check out these 8 simple tips to help you stay green and warm this winter!

Rising electric prices and dropping temperatures don’t mean you have to choose between comfort and conserving energy and lowering your electric bill this winter. National Grid recommends consumers in Upstate New York brace for a 22% increase in retail electric costs this winter. Additionally, cold snaps during this year’s “winter of extremes” could drive costs even higher. But don’t panic! We have 8 simple tips to help you stay warm and green Upstate this winter.

8 Winter Energy Saving Tips to Keep You Green and Warm

  1. Heat smart: if you spend large parts of your day in one room, consider a space heater instead of heating the whole house. Also install a programmable or smart thermostat to automatically reduce energy consumption at certain times of the day. Lastly, turn the heat down at night and stay warm under an extra quilt.
  2. Sunshine: Open blinds and curtains to take advantage of direct sunlight on your home. Known as passive solar gain, the sun’s heat energy warms your home at no cost. Close blinds at night and at times of the day with no direct sunlight to cut heat loss by up to 10%.  
  3. Insulation and sealing: is your home leaking? Cut your RG&E energy costs by upgrading the sealing and insulation in your home. Quick fixes include replacing old weather strips and window caulk. You can also take it a step further and replace or add insulation throughout your home.
  4. Close doors: night and day, keep interior doors closed to heat more efficiently. During the day, keep doors closed to unused rooms. Similarly, close your bedroom doors at night to keep heat inside the room.
  5. Water heater: water heaters constantly cycle to maintain their heat setting. For this reason, lowering that setting is an easy way to lower your National Grid electric bill without sacrificing comfort. Experts recommend setting you water heater to 120° F for safety and energy savings.
  6. Layers: choose cozy layers and blankets over a higher furnace setting. The EPA estimates single-family homes spend 53% of energy costs on heating and cooling. Consequently, by simply lowering your heat setting, you’ll save money and stay green.
  7. Make something hot: putting something warm in your tummy is also a great way to combat the cold. After you turn down the heat, enjoy a hot tea or cocoa knowing you’re reducing your energy use and lowering your NYSEG electric bill. A big pot of soup will warm up your kitchen and your body. After you bake your holiday cookies, leave your oven door open and take advantage of the heat!
  8. Shop a green energy plan in Upstate NY: several ESCOs offer energy plans 100% offset by renewable energy credits. Switching your energy plan could be your quick ticket to a greener winter!

Don’t Sacrifice Warmth to Stay Green this Winter in Upstate NY

Energy-conscious Upstate New Yorkers don’t have to choose between staying warm and staying green this winter. Just follow our simple energy saving tips to enjoy a cozier, greener season! To save even more, compare green electricity rates at today.