Nine Best Ways to Be Safe in Extreme Winter Weather

Don't freeze up with fear when the snow comes. Use our nine extreme winter weather tips help you get through the heavy weather and stay safe.

Prepare for Extreme Winter Weather in NY

Heavy winter weather is coming so it's time to get ready. Check out nine ways to stay safe this week in the cold and snow.
The snow and cold is coming. Let these nine tips help you get through extreme winter weather and stay safe.

Extreme cold could be heading our way mid-January. According to the NOAA, we are looking at a good chance of heavy lake-effect snow and a moderate chance of much lower than average temps. And though it won’t last long, your electricity company is getting ready for it. Knowing that frigid air and snow are just around the corner, it’s now time to make sure you’re prepared, too. So, let’s look at the nine best ways to be safe in extreme winter weather.

Safety in Extreme Weather at Home

Hopefully, you can spend most of your time at home waiting out extreme winter weather. But emergency situations still happen at home. Whether you’re in the city or up in Rochester, let’s look at three tips to prepare your home for bitter cold.

  • Safe heating. If the power goes out, stay warm with a gas heater or fireplace. However, these heat sources are only safe when properly ventilated. If you don’t use them regularly, check them before a storm. Never use generators or grills inside, even in your garage.
  • Stock up. Don’t panic and buy 700 rolls of toilet paper but do grab some essentials. Have a supply of items like water (especially if you’re on a well), non-perishable food, first aid supplies, a flashlight and batteries, prescription medications, and etc.
  • Protect pipes. When temperatures get extremely low, your pipes are more likely to freeze. You can turn cold water taps on just slightly to a drip during a cold snap. Insulating pipes also helps!
  • Bonus tip! Since your heating system will be working overtime to keep you warm, keep your energy bill low with our quick energy saving tips in NY.

Safety Outside in Winter Weather

Next, whether you’re shoveling snow, clearing off your car, or traveling on foot, take precautions to protect yourself in extreme cold and snow.

  • Keep it loose. Wear several layers, loose fitting if possible. Loose layers trap air and keep you warmer.
  • Protect extremities. Some parts of your body are more vulnerable to cold and frostbite. Protect ears, fingers, toes, and face the best you can. Wear water resistant material for even more protection.
  • Proceed with caution. You may have work to do outside, but overexertion in extreme cold puts a strain on your heart. Be especially careful if you have high blood pressure or heart disease.

Prep Cars for Winter Weather

Finally, let’s cover the three big tips for safe car travel during severe winter weather.

  • Avoid. If road conditions are poor, don’t make any quick trips for items you don’t need immediately. Stay safe inside and avoid unnecessary travel.
  • Pack. If you must leave the house, bring a few items in case of emergency or you get stuck. For example, water, a first aid kit, a car phone charger, and a blanket. If you don’t already have them, pack jumper cables, an ice scraper, and a map. Or if you have these items already, make sure you know where they are!
  • Check. Everything from gas, to antifreeze, to wiper fluid. If you have an engine light on, get it sorted before the storm. Also check tire treads and the tire pressure, too.

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