Upstate NY Customers Protest NYSEG Rate Increase

Find out why consumers are angry and demanding the NY Public Service Commission deny the proposed NYSEG 30% rate increase.

Consumers Cry Foul at Upstate Rate Hike 

A NYSEG rate hike is the last thing upstate NY consumers want to allow after a wave of utility billing errors. Find out how it affects NY electricity rates in your area.
NYSEG and RG&E want to hike their delivery rate by 30%. Find out why upstate NY electricity consumers are outraged and are fighting to stop it.

Two upstate electric utilities, NYSEG and RG&E, hope to increase electric delivery rates by 30 percent or more. But, the proposed hike follows a long run of NYSEG billing errors. And upstate customers are upset about the possible price change. So, New Yorkers are raising their voices, calling on state regulators to deny the rate hike and keep electricity affordable. Let’s explore the story behind why Upstate NY electric customers are protesting the NYSEG rate increase.

Is the NYSEG Rate Increase Unfair?

Many New Yorkers already struggle to make ends meet with costs rising across the board. Also, electric rates in New York are some of the highest in the US. This equation leaves many Upstate families asking how they will keep the lights on with dramatic changes to their NYSEG electric bill.

Residents feel their only option is a plea to state regulators to deny the rate hikes. Local officials like Adam Bello and the entire Steuben County Legislature are standing up for consumers. Bello claims that year after year the utility earns profits but doesn’t invest in its own company or infrastructure. Steuben County Reps call the rate hikes excessive. They also say the changes will cost people about $240 more per year.

In 2015, NYSEG asked for a similar rate increase of 12.8 percent. Regulators approved the hike. And now just a few years later, the utility wants more than double its prior ask. So, it’s no wonder Upstate New Yorkers doubt that they can keep paying their electric bills.

Could Regulators Deny the Rate Increase?

Several groups have joined up to demand that the NY Public Service Commission (PSC) strike down the rate hikes. The groups are confident they have a strong case. In fact, they point to line after line from PSC records where staff question the clarity of the utility proposals. Additionally, similar issues and errors are present in the utility’s 2016 rate filing.

Furthermore, NYSEG is coming out of a bad period in customer relations. After updating their billing systems in September 2022, customer complaints rose by 60 percent. In the complaints, customers said they had late and incorrect bills, sometimes to great extremes. After the billing fiasco, the New York State Department of Public Service helped to return $4.2 million to customers.

Protestors hope the record of poor management will help push regulators to deny the rate surge.

Protect Your Wallet from NYSEG Rate Increases

A key takeaway here is the importance of filing complaints to the Department of Public Service. Without the wave of outcry to the department, NYSEG’s mishandling of bills might not have come to the attention of people with the power to act. So, if you are having issues with your electric utility or a hard time paying your bills, reach out to DPS.

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