How Big is Renewable Energy in New York?

New York's clean energy capacity is growing faster than ever before!</em
New York’s clean energy capacity is growing faster than ever before!

Customers wanting to support renewable green energy in New York have many more options than consumers in many nearby states. The main reason is that New York state has made a deep commitment to green energy by requiring 50% of the electricity generated in the state must come from renewable energy sources by 2030. Happily, New York has been building onto its renewable capacity for years with the bulk coming from wind, solar, and hydro generated throughout the state.

Currently New York state is generating 23% of its electric energy from renewables, 6,174 mw. In 2016, NYSIO improved the energy efficiency of the state’s bulk power system and reduce demand by 255 mw.

Are New York State’s renewable energy initiatives having an effect on our environment? Yes! From 2000 to 2015, air pollutants from fossil fuels power plants have dropped considerably, including SO2 emissions rates (down 97 percent), NOx emission rates (down 79%, and CO2 emission rates (down 42%), all of which improves the air quality for New York forests, rivers, and all of its residents,

According to the US Department of Energy, New York energy consumers can choose from about 25 green renewable energy plans that are 50% to 100% green from New York ESCOs in many utility footprints. If you’re looking for a way to help build New York’s renewable energy future, the best place to research, compare, and shop is at New York Energy Ratings.

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