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Town Square Energy provides energy options to the residential and small commercial utility customers in 8 states and more than 30 utility markets. Their stated goal is to "provide electric rates as an alternative to our customer's utility and also utilize value-adding options, content, and communications to further educate our markets on the benefit of energy choice".

Their home office is located in Chandler, AZ.

Town Square Energy services Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland, and Ohio.

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Monthly Recurring Charge
The 'Monthly Recurring Charge' is a fee that the provider will add to each of your bills in addition to the electricity/gas usage charges.
12 Month Fixed Rate
12 month
Fixed Rate
15.29¢ / kwh
$0.00 monthly recurring charge

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Town Square Energy does not currently have any plans available on New York Energy Ratings.

We recommend plans from Verde Energy and instead.

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So Easy to Work With Town Square
I had a live chat with Desirae Pereda. I wanted to switch plans to get a lower rate. She handled the entire transaction! All I had to do was provide some information, and now I'm paying less. Thank you so much. Izzi from Southbury CT

Fabulous Rates & Service
There customer service is wonderful. I signed on a few months ago and they lowered their rates and when I called to see if I could get the lower rate, they changed it no questions. Such better rates than National Grid... Currently sitting at $12.27/kwh compared to National Grids $33/kwh - HUGE SAVINGS. And yes, it works as I have had a couple bills come in and it reflects the correct pricing. THANK YOU for saving us money. Lynsy from Bridgewater MA

World changing experience!!! Due to Customer service representative Anisia Garcia
I returned after years of not being with the company because of unxexpected 2022 life changes. Prior to speaking to Anisia Garcia I spoke with other representatives who put me on hold for like an hour who were rude and condescending to the point where I requested to speak to a Supervisor and they wouldn't comply even as I continued to insist on speaking to a different person.
The representative finally transferred me and I was already stressed, annoyed and inconvenienced for the time spent to rectify this issue. I was then greeted by Ms. Anisia Garcia to whom I asked respectfully if she was a Supervisor and she advised
me she was not but I explained my situation and she completely revamped my experience. Not only was she kind, professional and respectful she was unbelievably empathetic to my situation and that I why I decided to accept her guidance and expertise. She evaluated my position created and recommended solutions to benefit my family which allowed me to breathe when I was having such a difficult time with everyone else.

So I just want to thank MS.Anisia Garcia and would recommend that she get a raise increase or promotion to Trainer or Supervisor so that her abilities can be utilized to train and mold others in your company so people in the future can be able to breathe when they have no one else who understands their situation or position.

Thank you for you time
D from Bristol CT

4-5 Star Reviews: 9 (31%)

Town square energy

its quick and easy sign up no surprises or any fees for canceling very good company

jon leoni from 28390, New York
May 28th, 2017

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3-4 Star Reviews: 1 (3%)

Be careful when it comes time to renew

I go back and forth between Town Square Energy and my grid operator (National Grid) as my electricity supplier depending on which company is offering the best rate. Town Square's $0 cancellation policy makes it possible to do this with no penalty. However, there's typically a two-month lag before any change you request takes effect. One sketchy practice of Town Square is that if you don't explicitly renew your contract when its scheduled to expire, they'll continue to supply your electricity but at a *much* higher rate. In other words, if you take no action, your monthly bill will suddenly increase by 50% or more when your low-rate Town Square contract expires. The company says they send a written notice to customers that it's time to renew (or cancel) two months prior to the contract expiration date, but I never received any such notice, and apparently other customers don't either. So it's incumbent upon the customer to keep track of his/her contract status and decide whether to renew or cancel at least two months before it expires. Otherwise, I think Town Square Energy is a good alternative electricity supplier with rates that often (but not always) beat those offered by your local grid operator.

William Wroblicka from 01060, Massachusetts
February 3rd, 2024

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2-3 Star Reviews: 1 (3%)

A bad company misleads consumers

Town Square policy misleads customers with its option to choose their supplier. Up until last year, there was a 2-week window for changing to a supplier with a more competitive rate. Now I ve been told that any change of supplier must be put in place within 2-3 billing cycles of the existing contract. The catch is that most suppliers require a commitment of a 4-6 months contract and any request to switch sooner involves a $50 cancellation fee. Town Square has out its customers over a barrel with the result that they never know of a good time to switch. I have ended up sticking with the Town Square energy supply rate; no surprise that this Town Square standard rate is the highest out there. Town Square should do better than this for its customers.

Ran Eytan from 06019, Connecticut
February 2nd, 2020

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1-2 Star Reviews: 19 (66%)

Horrible Customer Service

I had an absolute horrible experience with town Square energy due to the clientele that they use for their business by the name of Nuview marketing, and they are unethical unprofessional and did not allow me to even talk while on the phone with them when telling them my concerns they should never be in business and if I could have, I wouldve put a zero star review, but the system did not allow me, but this company needs to be shut down because the company should have all around good service and including customer service service as well because that is the most important when it comes to a great company because we are the only reason they are in business - I asked for a manager and they refused to do so and when finally did, he seemed more unfit than the original representative I was speaking too. He had no personality, no empathy and you could tell he simply did not care about my situation at all or my concerns because I thought point they had already gotten my money and thats said while we were on the phone I just hope this will help anyone not have to experience the same abuse Ive received as a customer from a company that that they were helping me in the beginning

Town square energy - nuview marketing 0 stars from 04103, Maine
March 20th, 2024

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