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ENGIE does not currently have any plans available on New York Energy Ratings.

We recommend plans from Constellation and Public Power instead.

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We were with a different electrical provider but when we opened our business, we were contacted by a salesman telling us how much we would save by switching to Engie. The rates sounded great so we enrolled our business and switched our home. We have never seen higher bills at our house. It took them a week to get the electric turned on at our business and that was only after we were on the phone with them every single day helping them find that they had made a mistake on the meter number. We try to use autopay for all of our bills but we have had a terrible time trying to enroll because they require a PIN to enroll that we have never received. Every billing cycle we call customer service and are often disconnected once we finally get to a representative. When we say we are going to find a different provider they are quick to tell us how much it will cost for us to break the contract.

Another Dissatisfied Customer from Texas
September 5th, 2020

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Where can I order ENGIE electricity?

ENGIE has electricity plans in Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Texas

Where can I order ENGIE natural gas?

ENGIE has natural gas plans in Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey

What do customers think about ENGIE?

That depends on who you ask. There will always be someone who feels wronged by a company, no matter how good they actually are. The average ENGIE customer review is 0 / 5 stars. Keep in mind, consumers will go out of their way to complain far more often than they will to give praise.

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