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Discount Power Inc. is a licensed retail electricity provider serving customers in Connecticut.

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Discount Power Inc. does not currently have any plans available on New York Energy Ratings.

We recommend plans from Major Energy and Verde Energy instead.

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Sign Up, Account Looks Good, One Month Later NOT!

Signed up online with Discount Power since rates were competitive. Received an email back requesting ID and even mentioned a deposit which I haven't had to do in 20 years. Emailed a copy of my drivers license to the email provided. Called on the next day and spoke with a rep (Alejandro). Asked if account is setup or if I need to cancel my previous service? He said account is setup and they would issue cancellation to my previous service. I was able to setup my online login and received a confirmation email that I was setup. Thought all was good until a little over a month later I receive a huge bill from my previous provider since I have been switched to a variable rate. I called up Discount Power asking what happened? They said they never received my ID and after 30 days, account closed. I asked why they told me my account was setup and good to go when I called and asked? Then I asked why they didn't contact me if there was an issue as they have my address, phone and email? They show they sent an email. When they repeated it, it wasn't my email address! Asked why they didn't call or send a letter and he couldn't provide an answer. Asked to speak to a supervisor and spoke with Robert. Went through the same confirmation of info and no resolution offered other than asking if I wanted to be transferred to the enrollment department. No thank you, want my deposit back. Worst electricity provider sign up I have ever experienced. I would be embarrassed to work for Discount Power!

JH from Texas
June 10th, 2019

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Where can I order Discount Power Inc. electricity?

Discount Power Inc. does not have any electricity plans

Where can I order Discount Power Inc. natural gas?

Discount Power Inc. does not have any natural gas plans

What do customers think about Discount Power Inc.?

That depends on who you ask. There will always be someone who feels wronged by a company, no matter how good they actually are. The average Discount Power Inc. customer review is 0 / 5 stars. Keep in mind, consumers will go out of their way to complain far more often than they will to give praise.

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Plan Name
Monthly Recurring Charge
The 'Monthly Recurring Charge' is a fee that the provider will add to each of your bills in addition to the electricity/gas usage charges.
24 Month Fixed Rate
24 month
Fixed Rate
8.29¢ / kwh
$0.00 monthly recurring charge
12 Month Fixed Rate
12 month
Fixed Rate
8.39¢ / kwh
$0.00 monthly recurring charge
Best 24 Month Green
24 month
Fixed Rate
8.59¢ / kwh
$0.00 monthly recurring charge
Best Green Plan
12 month
Fixed Rate
8.69¢ / kwh
$0.00 monthly recurring charge
24 Month Fixed Rate
24 month
Fixed Rate
8.99¢ / kwh
$0.00 monthly recurring charge